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Spaces of Desire: Condominium Sales Centre   Posted on September 1st, 2007
Categories: M.Arch Design Studio

This thesis explores a space of desire. While the modern-day shopping mall can be understood as a space of desire – where objects can be bought for an ephemeral form of satisfaction – the spaces in which new homes, often characterized as lifestyles, are sold concern themselves with selling images of a possible future. This architectural proposal attempts to reclaim this characterization of home from marketing by reframing our relationship to those desires.

The building is organized as a series of questions or episodes eventually leading to the final destination – the sales office. As the object of purchase within a condominium presentation centre is intangible, the presentation of this promise of home is inherently tied to the surfaces, materials, and architecture that present it. Thus a strategy for challenging the affects of marketing through the articulation of surfaces, which portray these images, is used.

The facade is designed to create a notion of ambiguity and spectacle and creates an immediate separation between image and context. Acting like a distorted lens, the facade engages the curiosity of the passer-by, a great portion of which are home buyers shopping in the immediate area.

The interior, similar to the facade, continues to create a separation from image and the potential client. Partitions have been dematerialized to disturb the very surfaces that transmit pre-packaged ideas of desire. These ephemeral fog-like surfaces are then used as the backdrop for projected images commonly found within presentation centres, creating a new level of interaction within the space.

By problematizing ones relationship to the images of desire commonly found within condominium presentation centres – the prescribed notions of what your lifestyle should be – focus is shifted to the client occupying the space and their subjectivity and interaction now play a central role in defining this experience. The intent is that this new level of interaction will afford the potential client the opportunity to question or fill-in their own ideas about home and lifestyle.

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