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Croft Laneway House   Posted on December 1st, 2021
Categories: Urban Infill, Work In Progress

Location: Croft Street, Toronto

Status: Design

Size: 1,000 sq.ft. new laneway suite

This laneway housing project is located on Croft Street – a unique lane in the City of Toronto that has an established history of retail and residential uses fronting the lane.

At grade, the project includes a parking space, a mudroom / workout room in the rear that opens onto the shared green between the primary dwelling and the laneway suite, and the primary utilities that will service the dwelling. The living space on the second floor is open concept and organized between private and semi-private uses.


The concept for this project was driven by the desire to “float” the residential unit to the second level to accommodate parking at grade. Two primary volumes were created to help rationalize the proportions of the proposal, with the narrow volume acting as the service bar for the dwelling. The ground floor level can act as a breezeway connecting front yard to back yard through the use of large foldable partitions. The resulting faceted form was created to help resolve the building envelope with the required zoning angular plane. A slab-on-grade foundation with helical piers is being used to minimize excavation and costs.


Sustainable features include an investment in a well-performing envelope with several inches of continuous insulation to reduce heat loss and thermal bridging. LED fixtures, triple-pane glazing, and heat recovery are also being employed. The project will also include a solar photovoltaic grid on the roof to help offset energy consumption. Skylights have been included to increase access to natural daylight and natural ventilation.